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purple majestic
purple majestic .:. QueenMaab's personal website featuring graphics, photos, and costuming.

fiction by auburn
allusions .:. fiction by Auburn. fandoms include Alias, Stargate Atlantis, and Due South. mature material within.

incoherent fangirl .:. fiction by forcryinoutloud. fandoms include Stargate, CSI, Firefly, and Supernatural. mature material within.

alias: random recon .:. tiny archive for Alias trivia sent through the text message service. No longer being updated.

< Personal sites of mine that are hosted on this domain. >

bpal reviews & wishlist .:. my reviews and wishlist of black phoenix alchemy lab perfume oils.

gotta travel light .:. my travel site, featuring images and travel logs.

chaodis fotografia .:. gallery of photos I've taken. everything from events to plants.

cynthia lin @ suny oneonta .:. archive of sites I created while at university. no longer updated and some links may not work.

because i'm bored .:. two pages of vanity featuring images of boys and girls I find pretty.

< formerly hosted >

addicted to anderson .:. screencaps from richard dean anderson's various works. maintained by forcryinoutloud.

ordinary muppet .:. an archive of poetry by Amber B.

below the moon .:. darkstar's fanfic archive featuring Alias, X-Men, and the X-Files.

geekery! .:. a collection/archive of fanlistings I've joined. basically a list of everything I have liked. ever.

the golden nox .:. forums for the mutant academy rpg. archives and guide are located here. forum removed 4/22/2008 after hack attempt.

fanfiction by karen mcfadyyon .:. author's site was terminated upon their request.

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